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Literature and, to a slightly lesser extent, art are my hobbies, but I am very passionate about them. I have been writing and drawing for many years, and I am always seeking improvement and learning new techniques. I, also, really enjoy making friends, so if you'd like to chat, please don't be shy! Contact me! Feel free to send me messages here, on any of the sites linked in my journal, or on Skype (rabidchimera, send me a contact request). I hope that you'll enjoy my gallery, and if you do, feel free to add me to your watch! Thanks for stopping by!
birdie by Sergle



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SanguineSnorting, Keith swished saliva around in his mouth to wash out the remaining tang of blood. He wiped at his forehead and upper lip with a clean rag, soiling it with blotches of sanguine. It was sticky and took a bit of rubbing to remove. Once he was satisfied, he passed the rag to Ivy standing in front of the sink. She dabbed at the rivulet of blood trickling from a split in her lip, hissing at the stinging pain it caused. Her eye was beginning to swell and turn a deep purple. While Keith was busy wrapping his shoulder, she turned to get a look at the sore spot on her back, instantly noticing a wet stain forming between her shoulder blades. It seemed to be slowly growing in size.
“Shit,” she whispered, trying to hike her shirt up far enough that she could see, but it was nearly impossible to twist her upper back toward the mirror and crane her neck far enough to see, especially considering the movement was painful.
“What’s wrong?” Keith mumbled, barely int
Domestic BlissNero groaned loudly as he pushed himself off the mattress, curling forward with a hand held to his stomach. The other threaded into his mussed locks, rubbing at his forehead. He felt the presence of a slight hangover, but the more prevalent pain came from his lower regions. The dull ache in his lower back brought memories of the previous night rushing to the forefront of his mind. It wasn’t that he had forgotten; the full impact of what he did with Dante was just dawning on him.
Sighing, Nero felt oddly numb. He wasn’t sure how to take it all in and what he should be thinking now, so it seemed his mind was anesthetizing itself as a defensive mechanism. Like a zombie, he rolled out of bed—Dante’s bed—and lumbered downstairs to the kitchen, thirsting for a hard drink. On his way down, he vaguely recognized the scent of food cooking, but his objective-driven mind was far too focused to consider, before he entered the room, who was most likely in the kitchen m
Sweet NothingsA/N: These are a bunch of fluffy, warm shorts I wrote for no particular reason other than that I felt like it. You could say these are for “Valentine’s Day” if you wanted to, but that’s not why I wrote them. Let’s just say they have been floating around in my brain for a long time, and I just wanted to get them out. Some of them are with OCs and others are with DMC characters. I labelled them with hearts so you can weed out what you don’t want to read; you’ll find the key below. Don’t take them too seriously because I certainly didn’t; they’re purely for fun. Most of them aren’t conclusive; I just wrote until I didn’t feel like it anymore. I would like to share them with you, however, as an apology for my lack of activity lately—a “treat” if you will. Although I advise you proceed with caution, as the excessive corniness and nauseating romance may induce vomiting.
♥ = OCs
Bicker“Get your feet off me,” Ivy grunted as she hefted Keith’s legs off her lap and pushed them toward the floor. The collar of her t-shirt was stretched over her mouth and nose in some form of an inadequate gas mask.
“I’ll put my feet wherever the Hell I want,” Keith drawled groggily, smoke billowing from his mouth like water from a fountain. He threw his crossed legs back onto the couch, his lowest heel meeting her nearest thigh. Uttering a sigh that sounded more like a growl, Ivy slunk from beneath the weight of his legs and plopped right down on his sockfeet. She heard something pop when she landed, and the blond smirked viciously in his direction. Keith snorted.
“Now they’re nice and toasty,” he teased with a shit-eating grin, ashes falling like snow onto his olive thermal. Ivy rolled her eyes but refused to move despite how uncomfortable she was. However, she soon realized that her hunger far outweighed her desire for vengea


I got it back!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 8:45 PM

I'm getting my routine back, and that is making me very happy. I have started doing a little over an hour of exercise every day, which may sound like a lot, but 30 minutes or so of that is walking, which isn't too hard. Anyway, I can see a tremendous difference in my strength and stamina, as well as my weight. I have been wearing t-shirts I wasn't able to wear for about a year, and my pants are getting extremely baggy and tend to fall off of me, even with a belt! It's exciting but also worrisome as I don't really want to fork out the money for new pants right now.

Why? I am saving up for a treadmill. I found one that's only $287 including shipping (which is free). It seems to have a lot of useful features, and even if it isn't top-of-the-line, for that price, it may as well be. You may be wondering why I would need a treadmill when it is almost summer. Well, the last time I visited our local track with my sister, three strangers started circling us and honking, then they tried to follow me home when I left. So needless to say, I don't want to go there again at night, which, unfortunately, happens to be the only time I can walk on most days. This is why a treadmill would be my best friend.

I've also been setting little daily goals for myself to fulfill, like reading a chapter in a book or writing anything at all, no matter how dumb or short. So far, I've been doing well, and I'm hoping to get back into the habit of writing every day again.

For those who are wondering about my fanfictions, I have started rewriting some of the most popular ones. The plots will remain largely unchanged, but I feel the need to update them to my current writing style. I don't want there to be a huge transition of style between the early chapters and the ones I've taken a hundred years to write. So I am working on them slowly but surely, but it will probably be awhile before I update them because I want to finish them completely before I do so that I won't feel the need to rewrite them over and over again.

As for original fiction, I am juggling a lot of different plots and universes around and trying to pick one so I can start my first original serial story. I hope you are all as excited about this as I am. I'm nervous because I have never done this before and don't know exactly how well I'll handle it, but I want the experience so that I can keep improving in the future. Also, I want to share my writing with you all and maybe entertain and endear you in the process. :)

And in a last bit of random news, I am excited because my older brother may be coming to stay with me in a couple weeks. I haven't seen him in over a year, and it's been a long time since we've been around each other long enough to actually catch up. I'm hoping we can spend some quality sibling time together.

Well, that's all. I figured I'd update you all so that you wouldn't think I died or something. Take care and thanks for reading!


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